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Stages of Bereavement and How to Cope

Experiencing Loss and the Stages of Grief. Everyone experiences loss. It could be something small – a lost purse, wallet or watch which causes a bit of stress or annoyance, but typically we’re able to move forward. Then there’s life altering loss – an end of a marriage, a terminal illness diagnosis or loss of […]

Learning & Tips

How to Care for Parkinson’s Disease

The body is unique; although every person is made up of the same components, all bodies run differently. So it is no surprise that when someone suffers from an illness, they react in a different way than any other person, the disease is specific to them. Parkinson’s Disease is no exception. It is a highly […]

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5 ways to connect with your teenage grandchildren

When your grandchildren were toddlers, they lit up your world. When they were kids, they wanted to spend hours and hours at your house. But now that they’ve grown up into teenagers it can be a little harder to connect. While teens can be a little harder to converse with, often preferring their peers to […]

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6 Tech gadgets every senior needs

While you might not think about the latest tech trends converging with senior must-haves, the truth is often technology can immensely help seniors age in place. With gadgets, seniors can have more independence for longer, while at the same time keeping loved ones connected and comforted. Not only does technology help us stay connected with […]

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How to prepare for surgery

Tips In Preparing For Surgery Undergoing surgery can be scary. Whether that fear is from feeling like the control is out of your hands, the overall outcome, or just not knowing what to expect, going into a surgery worried and afraid isn’t going to help anything. In fact, it may just hurt a speedy recovery. […]

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Tips for visiting a person with Alzheimer’s

Visiting Someone with Alzheimer’s When a friend or loved one has Alzheimer’s, it can be a challenge to figure out what to do and what to say when visiting. You have to re-establish how you’re going to interact and communicate with them. Typically our first instinct is to attempt to bring them back to reality, […]

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How skilled nursing care has changed

How has skilled nursing changed? Like most things, skilled nursing has evolved through the last several decades. While old style nursing homes focused on daily care of the elderly, skilled nursing has a different role: to provide rehabilitation services that get injured, sick, or disabled people back on their feet. A focus on rehabilitation After […]

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How to communicate with your doctor

Tips to help you communicate with your doctor. Having a heart to heart with your doctor may be stressful. You may feel nervous, anxious or even rushed but building a good relationship and communicating openly is key to receiving the care you need, want and deserve. However, talking with your doctor isn’t always easy. Here […]

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