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We have proudly served Celina and the surrounding communities since 1978.

Welcome to Celina Manor

We have proudly served Celina and the surrounding communities since 1978. Throughout this time, we have maintained, nurtured and enhanced a tradition that forms the very foundation of our approach to delivering our services to our families, friends and neighbors—a tradition of caring.

HCF Redefined

HCF “redefined” is a mind-set focused around efforts in providing the best care possible in an environment that promotes quality of life. Starting with our traditional care practices and high standards we continuously enhance our individualized care plans and implement Person Centered Care values, thus taking patient care to the next level resulting in care of excellence.

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We offer a wide range of career opportunities for both professional level and staff positions. Our community is committed to a diverse workforce and offers programs to assist all our employees to reach their career potential.

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What our clients are saying about us...

I think a lot of Celina Manor. They have treated me so well. I have been here two times for therapy and they are so good to me. I would recommend them to everyone needing therapy. I love the staff. They have been so helpful in my recovery.

- Margie C.

I am a sister to Joyce G. who recently passed away at Celina Manor. We all know her as Arline. I want to tell you how much we appreciated Celina Manor’s extreme kindness to all of us. I know there were a lot of us and there is a story behind that. We lost another sister, and although she had a large family, no one was with her as she was dying. This has left me with a broken heart. So, we were all making darn sure this would not happen to Arline. Though this was a trying time, Celina Manor was a fine establishment with wonderful employees. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will be forever grateful.

- Sue S.

You treated us like royalty! You took excellent care of us, fed us too well, and wore us out at times. Every one of you became like part of our family. Any requests we made were answered. We want to thank you for all you gave us, caring and love. We can’t name all of you we have come to care about, but you are a great bunch and we love you.

- Bud and Jinny C.

David is glad to be home, but is thankful for the excellent care you gave him. I appreciate all the help you gave me too. May you be blessed as you have been a blessing to others.

- Linda L., Wife of resident David

“I never felt like I had confidence in my life. The therapy department made me feel special, and helped me build up my confidence and self-esteem. I can’t wait to do some of the fun activities with my granddaughters.”

- Nancy Rieger

“I remember the little things the therapy department did (washing dishes, playing cards, etc.), and I constantly wondered, ‘how would that help me?’ But by doing all of these things, I started getting better, and I was able to go home. I appreciate all the persistence from the EncompassCare therapy department when I needed a little extra push to accomplish my goals.”

- Larry “Obie” Obringer / Rehab Patient