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Ideas to create smiles throughout the year

150 things that will make you smile. Try one today! Do a random act of kindness Hug a friend, loved one or stranger Listen to your favorite song, dance too! Wear bright-colored socks Make a list of everything you’ve accomplished this year – big and small Tell someone how much they mean to you Give […]

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How to communicate with your doctor

Tips to help you communicate with your doctor. Having a heart to heart with your doctor may be stressful. You may feel nervous, anxious or even rushed but building a good relationship and communicating openly is key to receiving the care you need, want and deserve. However, talking with your doctor isn’t always easy. Here […]

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The benefits of pre-surgery registration

Benefits of Pre-Surgery Registration Undergoing surgery can be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Everyone is full of questions and fears and there’s always the lingering question, “What’s next?” Pre-Surgery Registration will take care of all your needs before the big surgery. There are a few major benefits that come from registering […]

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When to Create a Power of Attorney

What does it mean to name someone your Power of Attorney? What control do I still have? Do I have to do it? At what age is it most appropriate? The list goes on of questions someone can have if they don’t really understand what they are getting into. If you’ve started throwing around the […]

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Technology brightens the future of senior health care

Technology is providing the tools and resources that will ease Mom or Dad’s transition into an assisted living apartment. And the same technology is giving you the confidence you need to have in moving your parent into an appropriate, caring facility that will be the best for both of you. By 2030, more than 70 […]

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What you need to know about changes to Medicare

Once you separate fact from fiction, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act gives you and your loved ones a chance to take advantage of health insurance reform. If you thoroughly research the ACA, you will learn that the law actually strengthens Medicare benefits. But here are some essential points about the ACA and Medicare […]

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