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Early preparation aids in alleviating fears and concerns. We want you to be prepared for all your care needs.

Our online form allows you to quickly and easily pre-register for post-surgery care.

In order to pre-register, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Date of test or procedure
  • Demographic information (including LEGAL name and date of birth)
  • Insurance information (available on your insurance card)
  • First and Last name of your physician

How to pre-register

Pre-registration can be completed several different ways for the patient’s convenience. Choose one of the following options:

Option 2:

Call Celina Manor at 419-586-6645

Jump Start Healing – Focus On Recovery

Talk with our specialists prior to surgery.
Some of the key benefits to scheduling an appointment includes assistance in understanding complex insurance coverage, applying for medical assistance through state funded programs, and navigation through financial processes.

Tour the Community – See Our Rehabilitation Suites

Comfort comes from feeling good about your surroundings. Allow us to give you a tour of the care community campus, and we’ll let you know where each phase of your care will take place. Your tour guide will provide you with an information package on the care community, providing you additional information which will help you make informed decisions. Finally, let your senses guide you through your tour. Sight, smell, touch, sound and taste are all important factors in enhancing recovery and healing.

Meet Your Care Team – Begin Focusing On Recovery

It is nice to know who will be taking care of you. We encourage you to meet with your Person Centered Care Professional and share any questions you may have about your specialized care and treatment needs. Establishing this relationship with our team before your admission will help alleviate the anxiety that comes without knowing your overall care needs.

Post Hospital Care

Improving Transitions from the Hospital to Home Health Care

A collaborative team approach helps to dramatically improve care transitions and reduce re-hospitalization rates. Delivering high quality health care requires crucial contributions from many parts of the care continuum. It is a true team effort.

Rehabilitation and Specialized Programs

As leaders in post-hospital surgical care and rehabilitation, our highly trained therapy team offers individualized treatment plans utilizing the most innovative technologies.

Care Planning

The care plan begins with a comprehensive assessment of the patient, including level of function and social, mental, and medical conditions. The plan focuses on maximizing independence and functioning to the highest level possible. The care plan is revised every quarter or when the resident’s condition changes. Families are strongly encouraged to participate in quarterly care plan sessions.

Post Therapy

Home Evaluations Prior To Discharge

We want you to know exactly what to expect once you return home. That’s why we schedule your home assessments before you leave. Our assessments are performed by our rehabilitation therapists and can be one-on-one or in the presence of friends and family. During these evaluations, we focus on the home environment and assess the ability to navigate through the home safely. When we have completed our assessment, we make recommendations on any adaptations that need to be made prior to discharge.

Discharge Planning

Celina Manor views this as a critical component of healing, which is why we begin the process on admission. Our case managers are there every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and offering assistance in obtaining items and services prior to returning home, including:

  • medication reconciliation
  • scheduling follow up appointments with primary care physician and specialists
  • review written discharge plan
  • order necessary equipment identified during home evaluations
  • review information regarding what steps to take in an emergency situation

Patient Education On Returning Home

What To Expect When Returning Home

We understand that the transition home following hospitalization is stressful enough without having to deal with additional situations and stresses that come with care complications. We help you with reduce unnecessary burdens by designating care responsibilities and providing you with home safety guidelines:

  • Post Emergency Information – Keep emergency medical information visible for emergency personnel to easily see.
  • Make Use of Non-Skid Items – Rubber-soled shoes and rubber-backed bath mats will help prevent slipping. Likewise, non-slip mats in the shower help maintain footing.
  • Keep Things Handy – Canned foods and often used items should be stored within easy reach.
  • Clear Your Path – Remove throw rugs. Tape down electrical cords. Watch out for pets underfoot. Rearrange the furniture to clear pathways. Prevent wet and/or slippery floors, and avoid uneven surfaces.